About Conde Ybarra

Our urban chic industrial design home strategically makes use of a bright and dark color palette to offer an eclectic modern take of industrial design, plus a touch of retro and rustic style, resulting in a high end look. The materials used for the style and colors are from high quality brands either from Italy, Spain or local artisans.

There’s natural light coming into the house from three windows (two in the main living room, and one in the bedroom) which made it easier to use a dark color in the kitchen. We opted for matte black kitchen cabinets and a black retro Italian fridge, weaving in lighter colors in the rest of the house to provide contrast, but also to keep the space balanced.

Our open-plan apartment has a larger living space that holds the open kitchen and the living room. It has multifunctional pieces of furniture to fulfill practical purposes:  the sofa bed placed in a natural rustic pallet, with two tween individual mattresses; the kitchen bar, with vintage metal seats to enjoy breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, as well as a table to work with your computer. The living room has a retro classic Chesterfield chair upholstered in velvet, mixed with modern industrial design pieces of furniture, all put together to create an innovative and original setting. There is bare stone wall to add an individual rustic personality to the final mix.

The bathroom has a combination of industrial and rustic style: with a unique wooden vanity top encrusted with metal stones (designed by our interior decorator and made by a local artisan) with an Italian carved stone sink.

All in all, the mood of the apartment is relaxed and comfortable, keeping a unique eclectic atmosphere.

We are enthusiastic world travelers (from Spain, Seville, and Italy). We always book our vacations online and, before each trip, we spend hours researching unique and comfortable hideaways in amazing destinations around the world. Since we believe that the quality of the accommodations is a huge contributor to the success of any vacation, we decided to offer our unique, chic and stylish apartment in the heart of Seville, one of the most beautiful cities around the world. Even more than we love exploring other parts of the planet, we love introducing and sharing Seville’s special charm with others.

Dog and cats lovers can also bring them to our pet friendly vacation rental and enjoy a walk around Seville and its dogs parks.

The great thing about renting from a locally-run property owner is that you have a local to count on (via phone or email), someone who will ensure your vacation is as carefree and special as possible for you, your family and your pets.  You also know that you have someone you can trust if you have questions about activities, events, local restaurants and anything you need in the city.

Our ultimate goal is to help make your vacation to Seville one of the most enjoyable trip ever.

The story of the name “La Casa del Conde Ybarra” relates to the history of Seville and the location of the property.  The Earldom of Ybarra is a Spanish title of nobility created by King Alfonso XII in 1877 in favor of José María de Ybarra and Gutiérrez de Caviedes, from Bilbao, settled in Seville, where he initially undertook his business life with the production and sale of olive oil. He was also Mayor of Seville in 1875 and 1876 .

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